Compass Group International

We provide Innovative Solutions to the metals industry

Leading supplier to North American metals industry. Let us help you with your continuous casting programs. Complete casthouse supply requirements.


Leading supplier to the precious metals and copper industry of continuous casters.

Vertical Upward Casters

  • OFHC copper redraw rod to CDA 101 and CDA 102 - oxygen reduction by graphite
  • Up to 20,000 tons (annual) production in as cast 8 mm redraw rod
  • Sizes 8 mm to 32 mm
  • Rounds, hollows and shapes

Conductor Alloys

  • RS technology ideal for: CuAg, CuMg, CuSn, CuCd and other alloys
  • Minimum losses of alloying element: "Still melt," resistance heating, graphite crucible, integrated melting and casting, naturally reducing environment
  • Accurate control of alloy composition
  • Cast diameter: Wire rod 8.0 - 30.0 mm dia

Product Improvement

  • Total company commitment to design and supply of continuous casting machines
  • In-house development and test facilities for specialty work and production of sample coils
  • Programs of joint research development with leading universities
  • Advances in technology made available to existing customers

Horizontal Casters

  • Non ferrous alloys
  • Silver, silver alloys, gold, gold alloys, lead based, tin based and more
  • Graphite containment
  • Batch and continuous casting crucible capacities from 5 kilos to 2200 kilos
  • Rounds, tube, strip and shapes

Precious Metals

  • Silver extrusion billets and strips for coin blank production
  • Gold and gold alloy strip for coin blanks and findings
  • Electronic alloys in gold, silver, copper, lead and tin in strip and rod
  • Brazing alloys in gold, silver, and copper in strip and rod
  • Hollows in gold, silver and copper alloys
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