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Leading supplier to North American metals industry. Let us help you with your continuous casting programs. Complete casthouse supply requirements.

OCN s.p.a.

Leading supplier of extrusion press services to USA Brass and Copper mills.

Combined drawing lines

  • Fully automated coils to straight lengths, chamfered, bundled, banded, weighed and tagged.
  • Twin coil payoff, automated coil opening and in line push pointer.
  • Prestraightner, two plane staightener, and two roll reeling machine with automated roll adjustments (reduces size and shape change over time).
  • Eddy current testing, laser diameter checking, bar marking and more all done inline
  • Saw, chamfer or face - one end or both - automated size change - adjustable cutting head

Draw Benches

  • Two chain design
  • Fully supported bars
  • Double draw for longer lengths and shorter bench to save floor space
  • Complete finishing, sawing, straightening (both rounds and shapes), bundling, strapping, weighing, tagging inline and automated
  • Process from either coils or straight lengths

Combined Line Draw Carriage

  • Fully automatic die alignment
  • Interchangeable clamps with pneumatic control closing
  • Pre-arranged for a coaxial passage of the material, making it possible, to draw material from coil or straight lengths
  • Fast automatic reverse

Bundling and Strapping

  • Automated size changeovers
  • Shaped bundles, round, hex or square
  • Cardboard under banding is available
  • Inline or stand alone systems

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