Compass Group International

We provide Innovative Solutions to the metals industry

Leading supplier to North American metals industry. Let us help you with your continuous casting programs. Complete casthouse supply requirements.

About Us

Compass Group offers equipment to the metals market from leading manufacturers in Europe. We have been part of the nonferrous market for 40 years and apply our experience to our customer's unique applications offering solutions for melting, casting, heating, extrusion press services and complete bar finishing.

Compass has provided continuous casting machines to dental, electronic, jewelry, coin, solder, copper and copper alloy industries. Horizontal and vertical casting for rod, strip, hollows and billets to suit our customer's production requirements from Rautomead's broad range of casting machines. OCN builds combined drawing lines to finish coils and straight lengths. OCN equipment draws, straightens, chamfers, bundles, bands, weights and tags your bars now ready for shipment to your customer. Draw benches, extrusion press services and individual pieces of equipment can all be supplied by OCN. Coim is the leading producer of billet heating equipment in the world, achieving the highest levels of efficiency and billet homogeneity. Marx takes extrusion container heating to new levels of sophistication to improve yields and quality.

Compass Graphite and insulation materials support our continuous casters. We offer crucibles, dies, heating elements and all the parts required by our customers to original machine builder's specifications.

Graphite paper, high temperature brick, thermocouples, insulation wool are just a few of the products we stock for immediate shipment.

Compass supports your metal production.